ACT Database Users

For ACT database users that wish to use Gravity Forms CSV Editor Website Data Entry Tool.

With this WordPress Plugin you can use the data that you have collected, by exporting data from ACT into a CSV file that has 80 Columns or less in a website where non database users can update records, cold call clients and do any other data updating that you find necessary.

You can then import the your data directly between the website and your ACT database using some or all of the following tools.
WebProspect or 123 sync  which allows you to receive each Gravity Form entry as it is submitted , direct from the webpage into your ACT database or you can download the Gravity Form Entries from your web site to bulk import into your ACT database using OAK!Merge or other importer of your choice;

Click here for info on WebProspect and here for info on 123 Sync, and here for OAK!Merge and you can purchase ACT! here
You can also use additional plugins for most of the popular auto responders and databases, check Gravity Form add-ons for these.